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>> okay. i first would like to point out on q, there is a brewery right there at keith and evans. and they sometimes have evening events on weekends. and i think that 10:00 -- not q, on s. it could be cutting it close. speak easy brewery, some of you have been to ankersteam, there are no tow aways over there so why are you making a problem for speak easy. on q i'm asking you to exempt taxis. i think it's important that taxis be able to use that right lane just like muni. so i think it's not fair to not -- at least exempt taxis because they are part of your transit first policy. and on w, and polk street, if
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you're going to have established tow away parking any time you're removing i believe the puc there. i think people are going to take taxis to that building, clients, vendors, employees, exù3gz think you need to make some arrangement so that we can drop off o' either side. and i don't see anything here in w that allows for that. so i would appreciate that you address the fact that if you're going to put out more taxis you want people to take taxis, then don't exclude places where they want -- if there's very little parking in the area, you want people to get there besides their own cars. thank you very much. >> mr. yee, how about the issues
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pleasure. >> move allqcv the items. >> qs and w? all in favor say ayeõie5qprñ ay. >> thank you very much. >> 10.5, that concludesyk:o&÷ im 10.2, item 10.5 amends the transportation code@oi:]zo to eh a -- for cost incurred posting temporary no parking signs for film production, residential. this was6i&.g?? severed at thet of a member of the public, davig pilpel. >> good afternoon, david pilpel the ceqa determination was not made available to the public. it's apparently in the office of the secretary.
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i requested it this morning. it was not provided in time for the meeting. i'm interested in reviewing:lño that. i think we need to find a betteo way to have such ceqah#r determinations available, relative to your board items. on this particular
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on, and i also don't understand in the case of the sign fees -- excuse me posting cost related to the number of signs, how there's a direct correlation there. questions on this item upon careful scrutiny. thanks. >> chairman nolan: thankán&ct can you reply to that? >> first of all this is both the revenues and expenditures for this transfer were included in
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the budget, that you adopted. it was something that was actually -- that we brought in when i brought a revised proposal to you in june so it was actually more explicitly called out than it might have normally been. what we've done is we've taken the current fees and escalated them in accord with your escalation policy. so my guess is that the police department is probably not fully recovering their cost. our initial recovery estimated about 71% and escalating. i think we will have a much better sense once we have brought this in house. this is based on our expectations of the level of staffing and equipment that we'll need and the first year there are one-time setup costs that are keeping us from full recovery. i will say that we will, in time, endeavor to move to full
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recovery. either by raising fees or even better by reducing our cost to administer the program. i will say though that there are some aspects of the no parking sign posting that are for which there is no cost recovery. so there are certain civic events that we will likely just be incurring the cost for. but we're working on developing a program that will be cost effective. i think for the city's perspective it makes more sense for the transportation department to do this than to have police officers performing this function. and very strong just by the police department to off load this function. >> motion to approve. >> 7.5 and 6? >> we have not taken it yet. >> chairman nolan: okay. all in favor say aye. >> ayes. >> chairman nolan: 10.6. >> amending transportation code by adding section 912 to authorize to regulate vehicle
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pressc9v permits and amend 902 o toronto. >> good afternoon. chairman, directors, barry toronto. i used to have one of these press vehicle permits about 30ky the police department. so if i understand it, you're issuing separate press passes to individual workers, media workers and issuing vehicle passes. i think it's weird to separate the two but this is3
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website, who just as much reads as some of the smaller weekly newspapers in town, you're going to exclude them because they can't afford it. so i'm a little concerned that you're creating a censorship through this legislation right now. and i don't know if you've actually fully vetted this but all media outlets with on-line services with television, with radio, with newspapers with magazines, anyone who covers city business who has -- who covers anything to do with events and activities and people, that take place in this city. so i'm very much concerned that this is - is -- could be a first amendment issue with how this is implemented that -- because it is a little strange that this is being handled by a transit agency, rather than the police or a city hall department that does this.
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so i'd appreciate it if you have these questions answered or that you've gotten full support from small outfits that don't have a lot of money or just a few employees versus others such as the chronicle that have lots of money. th9- you. >> chairman nolan: thank you. next speaker. >> david pilpel is the last person who has turned in a speaker card. >> david pilpel on 10.6. i won't repeat comments from 10.5 but will state this is an oral request for public information under the sunshine ordinance for all documents
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old0+bú definitions of the medin general. but i just want to conclude again by saying that there's no explanation as to why the
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be used to ex-calculate those costs which for a fee recovery basis cannot exceed the cost of providing the service and there are circumstances under which using the indexing formula such a fee would exceed the cost of providing. so, again, i think there are problems with this item that you. >> chairman nolan: members, comments? this is merely a transfer oftó;m function. we're not changing the determination of who is media and who is not. that remains with the police department. the charter gives us sole authority to manage parking in the city and these are parking( permits that the fees are -- this was approved by(73( the bod of supervisors. the fee is consistent with the current fee.oú9ñ generally the indexing escalation would be less than
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fj fees that are subject to+fz kaulation we probably would recover less over time,(08v68 t more. >> motion to approve. >> chairman nolan: second. all say aye. >> aye. >> so moving back now to public comment, this is an opportunity for members -- >> chairman nolan: considering the hour and we have a major issue coming up in our closed session we're going to limit comment to one minute. >> an opportunity for members o? on matters that are within the jurisdiction of the .7tnt and not on today's calendar. mark[zç]&uujt houseman followed byp'áxs andrew .
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>> excuse me. i have been waiting here with we were told a taxi item would be on this agenda. and we were told that falsely. you're giving us one minute to speak and thate3=ufeq unfairaua. people have taken money out of their pocket, time out of their lives, to come here and address you on an issue we were told would be on the agenda. >> chairman nolan: call security. okay. next speaker please. >>:sñ tara houseman, one freakig minute. here, figuring out what to say in the two minutes that i was
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told we were going to get. for as downpayment assistance, if you think that this is going to come out of the cab driver fund, do not even go there. do not even go there. that fund was intended for all drivers, not just for the very few who will be able to buy a medallion. i can't even address the board of appeals issues. i guess we're going to have to address that with our lawyers. as far as the waiting list goes, the plan that we were here to talk about, that you wish to implement to give the first 25 drivers out of what is it, 12 or 1300 now that they've vetted the list, to give the first 25 drivers medallions and sell the next 50 cheaper one, this -- you are screwing over over a thousand people in order to do this. people who have structured their lives around this, for years.
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>> your time is up. >> it says one minute here. i have not had a countdown so i could not gauge. i have one other topic. >> chairman nolan: briefly. >> the 20 million that you took out of the cab ministry this past year, whatever else it's been, this past year, $9 increase in my a card and previous year $20 increase in my a card. now stop and think. if you had to stop for a moment and remember what an "a" card from context, maybe you don't know enough about the cab industry to pass major regulations about it. >> chairman nolan: thank you. next speaker. >> andrew green, followed by edie ortiz. >> good afternoon chair and members of thevm$iwe board. and your desire to put out more medallions shows a complete lack
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of caring for the well-being of working cab drivers. and that's pretty much all i want to say. and also that you need to find a better way of commu members of our industry. for myself, i'm not able to make these meetings because i have responsibilities to my family. i canceled all those responsibilities to be here today. we are of many different nationalities, many of us do not live -- i live in the city but many of us do not. if you find that there is a lack of representation of our industry in communicating with you, you need to find a better way of communicating with us. >> chairman nolan: next speaker please. >> edie ortiz, bill moundsy, steven hemnay -- nomnay and
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amara. >> good evening. thank you for nothing. you give cab drivers absolutely nothing. you take away, take away. we serve the city just like muni drivers serve the city but you don't care about us. i -- just like the lady who got reward. i come in all the time. nobody gives me awards. listen. i've lived in the city for 42 years. i've been a cab driver for 23 of those years. is that it? you disgust me, the way you do this one minute. you are unbelievable. you are so right wing conservative. this is a city of harry bridges. this is a liberal city. not a conservative city, where you give cabs to the cab 9 i been on the list 17 years. i get nothing.
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you give away our rights. you give away our rights and our lives. i have wasted my life. i have given up -- i have given up -- >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> steven heimnay. security. >> i have. steven heimnay -- >> with all due respect to you guys giving us a minute you're getting paid to be mere. my cab that you just issued a new medallion for is in the garage so i can give you money for parking. so you're trusting me -- i'm supposed to trust you to borrow $300,000 to get a medallion, where you're watering down our investment by issuing down medallions to companies for less amount of money to the pointd9,! where i'm not even sure that it's worth it. and there's 1400 people on the waiting list. if they all did 10 years apiece
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you're talking about 14,000 man years. go far back far enough that's before we came to the country over the asian land bridge. thank you. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> i told you at the beginning of this meeting that we would have two minutes, while your secretary -- >> chairman nolan: next speaker please. highbeck and christopher -- thank you,mnx christopher fullkerson. christopher,h[: followed by jim templeton. >> what you're doing is notxrmyq regulation. it's patronage. culture. i haven't seen such bad driving since in the early 1990 when i first glimpsed the first garage scows and how they were handled. seeing a mustache -- it's a -- i
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think it is your duty to prevent the streets from having the cars also participate in halloween. it's obviously absurd to say that the effort is on a -- basis. the solution you are finding are in fact only those for the companies not for the 7,000 drivers. it's a clear conflict of interest for you to be regulating an interest you get a profitdpt/ from. proposition a requires you to the taxi commission. it is not something you can just read those three lines that given you your allegedñ]gñ authority. you're supposed to be doing the taxi commission's job, not sweepingh2oe"!ñ it away. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> jim templeton, followed byfnb corey lamb and then carl mcmurdo. >> jim templeton i started years old. i will be 68 years old in
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november. you people can't run a bus company. real world? $15 an hour and no pension. you're paying your muni bus drivers three times what bus drivers in the real worlda"] mae and you're using us as a piggy bank. this is going to in the 25 years i waited to get a medallion, i waited 30 but most guys wait 25. in those 25 years they pay five to 600,000 in gates. and that money goes to buy taxicabs to pay for dispatch, to pay for the mortgage on the building. we created this industry. get your hands out of our pocket. medallions right now have put in $84 million into thisf⌞ójfp ind. and if you want to run a cab company, you run it. you can't take that 1900 a month we'll call it the milk an÷
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heinicke industry. you run the damn thing. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> corey lamb, followed by carl mcmurdo and dan hines. >> good afternoon. sorry, i have 60 seconds for a lot of things. the one thing i want to say is this saturday, i wasixl1÷ approd by uber taxi lim ox bus whatever ir ta ive pie t thing. sign up we can talk about it later. i only have 40 seconds left. my point is they went from limos to big limos now they have priuses now they want top/ujcm e taxis, next they will take buses and anything else. if anyone is listening to my voice later on, legislation, whatever, don't do anything with uber if you belongk
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industry. it makes no sense. you're shooting yourself in the foot. please i don't know what8:'÷ eli can say. anyone who can hear my voice, please stop uber. it'1=&qs unbelievable. it's unbelievable that cab drivers i work with will say might as well join uber. a los lot of things are beingl.d but uber, stop it. >> carl, dan himes, robert chisana. >> i came to speak today because at the town hall meetings only 75 people on this wait list are going to get in he advantage if the wait list gets truncated and i urge you between now and november 20 find a way to expand that maybe up to 200, 250, whatever you can. i note that under the sales and transfer program the k and pre-k medallion holders can -- there's shp &c"p%
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so you're making 100 million plus you're going to lease other medallions to the company. wait list suffered their whole career $qñjs no opportunity to invest and i hope you will find a way to get these people to where they can have the same by selling medallions at half price if nothing else. thank you. >> dan himes, robert chisana, ray sherrest. >> briefly, i think that greater consideration needs to be given to the people at the top of the waiting list. these people have waited well over 15 years. and there are two separate/x/á-n groups in considerations that you need. first, the people at the very top that you need to consider first of all the people at the zero to 100 or 150 who really have no choice when this pilot
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program went into effect but simply wait and hope they weren't forgotten. then people farther on who came to me and asked for advice between 50 and 300 these people we couldn't advise to purchase for 250,000 but the approach you're setting up they could have bought a medallion two or three years ago 250,000 they now have to pay%!z'ze5 300,000. that's not fair. they deserve more consideration from you. >> chairman nolan: thank you. >> robert chisana, ray shiresh, and mr. molak. my name is ray shiresh. old. right now, i'm 64 years old. and you going to take my
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medallion, not from me, from my family, my son, my if i start working 20 years ago at the -- supermarket aswú"9xu cashier, as manager of the store. how about right now, after 20 years, what i got? nothing. zero. i'm zero. i have been home, i talked to my wife, she start crying. are you guys american? this iy-÷0 the way you treat yor nation? i'm talking to:
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malic followed by brad newsham. >> good afternoon. my civil rights are violated. we were not given a opportunity because we are in the minority. thank you very much for that. thanks a lot. because you don't like to listen to us because we're just children you gave us one minute to speak so i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting to be silent. i am protesting. i amp9xl protesting.
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i am protesting. retirement. you're trying to rob my family's future. tiu)áip &c @&c"p%: thank you, >> god bless you. >> chairman nolan: thank you. >> god bless you. >> emil lawrence, brad newsom,bñ edena. mr. lawrence here?13-;jfñ no. mr. newsham here? no. >> when i came to this country, i was a uc student ant berkeley and i missed my -- and i was on drugs. then i started driving a cab. and then i know about this waiting list. and i got married. and i have four children. and we all hope for this. and i tell them soon, soon, our

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